Marketing Best Practices: Landing Page Attributes

So you’re making a landing page? Well you came to the right place!

If you’re selling something online, and you haven’t yet created any landing pages to funnel your customers through to your offer then you need to stop what you’re working on and make this a top priority.

Why a Landing Page?

Everyone selling online would benefit from a landing page, and here’s why:

  • These pages are a focused way to drive someone to take action.
  • They are a clear, uninterrupted path to a direct sale or a lead.
  • Landing pages historically are the highest converting pages in any company.

Creating a successful page is a science and it’s up to you to put that science to work! Regardless of the end goal of your landing page offer, the fundamentals will always be the same.

LP Basics

The first and arguably most important feature of a landing page offer is a clear overall message.

Tell your potential customers what you want them to know. Whatever you’re offering, ensure that someone who knows nothing about you, your product, or your company will understand what you’re trying to say.

Clarity is key not only in language but also with visuals. On your landing page, create distinction that draws the eye to the Call To Action (CTA) links.

Limit the number of links on the page. Ideally the only link on the page should be the main CTA, with the exception of options that may expand sections for additional information or move the user throughout the page. That includes removing your sites main navigation.

In general, keeping the amount of buttons on the page to below 4 helps with overall conversions because visitors are not straying away from the main goal.

Reduce distractions and be concise to produce results. Landing pages are designed to be shorter and more digestible in nature compared to a traditional website.

Edit, edit, edit. Think of this page as the “elevator pitch” of webpages. It should be short, sweet and to the point.

Two Questions to Ask About Your Landing Page

Is your brand name, logo and the product/ service name all clearly visible upon first glance?

If not, put it there but know it can be subtle.

Can your product be seen in full, or enough to drive the point across at first glance?

If it’s a physical item this should be a photo, if not, consider adding a visual representation (like a cover photo if an e-book for example).Give your customers the ability to visually see what they will receive. These visual elements should balance with the clear and concise messaging so your customer is able to understand the offer as quickly as possible.

Landing Page Details

So now that you’ve gotten down HOW and WHAT you’re going to communicate within this limited area of a landing page, here’s the WHY.

The clarity of your overall message on your landing page demonstrates authority within your field. If you can clearly make the case that this product will be of use to your ideal customer, you’re golden!

Identify a problem of your key demographic and solve that problem with this product or service. Use this as the focus of your main messaging.

Display expertise by showing your customer how you know about the problems they face, you understand them. Establish why your customer should listen to you.

Have proof for what you’re claiming. Don’t be all talk. Ensure your customer knows why and how you have the answer for them.

In order to not seem too desperate or pushy when communicating about your product/service it’s important to also establish trust and comfort with your customer. Choose ways of communicating that are real and open. Be human. We all have lives and families and good days and bad days. Be mindful of this, and be kind and caring.

When making purchases online from a new company, or when signing up for a new program your customer can sometimes have a slight sense of anxiety because they don’t know what to expect. This will fluctuate by brand and demographic, but when applicable, anticipate this and work with it by addressing your customer’s concerns.

Give assurances wherever you can. If you know of a common complaint or common excuse people make to NOT choose your product or service, address it. Honesty and transparency are winning tactics. People can sense B.S. and will be much more loyal to a brand that is real and sticks to their values.

TL:DR Landing Pages

Make good products, stand by them in your offer, be real about the solution it could bring and have the proof to back it up. Why should your customer purchase or sign up? Who the heck are you? Why should they care? If all of those pieces are addressed concisely within your landing page offer, and you can create a sleek and simple page to communicate it all, then you’re on your way to a successful sales funnel.

Now get it out there!

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