Email Lead Generation with New Habitz

The Challenge:

New Habitz wanted to improve their user retention by creating a unique email lead generation offer that didn’t feel salesy and would create connection with their audience.

Our Solution:

We created a “living” email lead generation project that builds community and promotes healthy habits. We called it “Living Habitz” and it we connected it with creating weekly and monthly healthy habits.

The Results:

The pop up had a consistent 2.3% opt-in rate and the landing page had a 3.03% opt in. The Living Habitz offer created a deeper connection with their audience that built trust around creating healthy habits.
New Habitz - Dandelion Branding Case Study Cover
One of the coolest email lead generation projects we have ever done was the Living Habitz Page with New Habitz.

When Romélia approached us to help her launch New Habitz, we were thrilled. Not only was she dedicated to changing consumer mindset and behavior towards be more sustainable, she wanted to create a safe space for people to bring new, healthy habits into their lives. One of the most important aspects of building out this launch, was email lead generation because we wanted to make sure that New Habitz had a way to consistently reach the people they connected with.

New Habitz is different from your typical ecommerce store in several ways. Firstly, New Habitz is based on an affiliated vendor system. They contract with vendors and don’t have their own products so they only make a small percentage of each sale. That means they have very small margins. Additionally, Romélia was truly dedicated to bringing in quality traffic and building an audience that loved the vibe and the values behind New Habitz.

Considerations for the Email Lead Generation

Taking all this information together, we had a few things to consider before creating a strategy:

  • The low revenue per sale put us off offering a coupon code because we don’t want to cut into New Habitz earnings.
  • New Habitz offers a single shipping cost even when the buyer purchases from multiple vendors, so we didn’t want to offer free shipping because that can cut into New Habitz revenue.
  • New Habitz is so unique and heart centered. Romélia wants to create a living community so we didn’t think a simple, static downloadable offer would do this brand justice.

These three considerations remove all the most common (and the proven) email lead generation offers. So we got creative.

Creating Unique Email Lead Generation

We can easily say that this email lead generation project is one of the most creative (and if we’re honest, one of the coolest) we have ever done. We tossed back and forth a lot of ideas but finally, we settled on what we called the “Living Habitz.” It was a fantastic opportunity to go deeper into creating a holistic marketing system and connect social media, email marketing, and the website so cohesively. Here’s how it worked:

Step one: Choosing the Habit

We were working off the idea that it takes 28 days (4 weeks) of consistency to create a simple habit. So every month we would choose a daily healthy habit that we wanted the New Habitz audience to work towards building. These ranged from drinking water first thing in the morning to building a clean beauty routine.

Step two: Weekly Social Media Content

Every Monday, we would post about the chosen habit for the month on social media. Each week, we would help the follower get deeper into the habit.

Week one we introduced the new healthy habit.
Week two we added momentum through an affirmation.
Week three we leveled up the new habit with a check in and offer a little challenge.
Week four we asked them to reflect on the past few weeks and what was difficult about building the habit.

The following week’s post would be dedicated to getting people onto the email list to break up the habits and give us the chance to get people into the list.

Step three: Monthly Living Habitz Page updates

At the end of the month, we would add all four weeks of social posts onto the Living Habitz page. This page serves as a place where subscribers can return to for inspiration or to find a new healthy habit to focus on.

Step four: Push the email sign up and send the habit in a round up via email

After each habit had its four weeks, we would make a social post to push people into the email so they can easily get to their Living Habitz content. For these posts we have both a pop up and a simple lead generation sign up page.

And once we put all the weeks onto the Living Habitz page, we would send the update via email so that subscribers could get their updated weekly habit! Then the whole process started over again!

We Value Creativity – and So Does Your Customer

Every brand has their own best option for email lead generation. For New Habitz, it was a living page! We love getting creative with our lead generation projects for the same reason your customers like signing up for it – it’s not boring!!

But does it work? Using creativity is a risk in lead generation. When we build something unique like this, we honestly don’t know how well it will convert until we put it in place and optimize it. In this case, the Living Habitz offer converted between 2-3% consistently out the gate. This was one of our final projects before the New Habitz project was paused while Romélia steps into her own skills in Ayurvedic medicine and coaching. With a focus on optimization, we believe this conversion rate would have grown to 5% within the year.

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