Our Impact

Dandelion Advocacy

We are vigilante sustainability advocates fighting the green hush!

Advocacy has been an important part of Dandelion Branding since day one because it is a foundation of our friendship and our partnership.

We use our platform to promote the transition to a sustainable future in a number of ways!

We create environmentally focused content designed for you to share, we foster real conversations with change-makers working towards a sustainable future, we create educational resources, and actively donate a portion of our profits to environmental nonprofits.   

We help our clients reduce their digital carbon footprint.

Holistic digital marketing means understanding the true impacts of every aspect of business. 

The server where your website is stored, how much storage space is used, and the resources used to create your marketing campaigns all add up. 

We choose quality over quantity in our holistic Marketing System design and help our clients limit their overall impacts online

How We Give Back

We are dedicated to giving back as much as possible. We are active members of 1% For the Planet.

We donate a portion of our profits each month to the Forest Conservation Fund to help protect rainforest lands. FCF partners with indigenous communities to fight against poaching and deforestation.

Forest Conservation Fund - Proud Supporter Badge - 2023

Swipe This Post

Starting conversations about sustainability is part of our mission.

We want SDGs and creating a sustainable future to be on everybody’s lips.

Check out our archive of FREE social media content all about sustainability!

Use these posts on your social media to share information and start conversations with your audience.

The EnvironMental Podcast with Dandelion Branding

EnvironMental Podcast

In the EnvironMental Podcast, we talk about the real, multi-faceted issue surrounding the transition to a sustainable future.

We deep dive into sustainability advocacy by chatting with professional in the sustainability sector, offer tips on how to make your business more sustainable, and share ways to communicate your sustainable values better!


When it comes to building a profitable impact business, doing great work isn’t enough. You need to communicate your action too.

Start fighting the green hush with our guide to writing your sustainability statement.

E-book cover for Guide to Writing a Sustainability Statement for Your business