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The Dandelion Branding Marketing Method is Sustainable and Holistic

Sustainable marketing means making strategies that are maintainable and using the most environmentally friendly and accessible techniques.

Holistic marketing means taking the whole business into consideration when creating a marketing strategy.

We focus on both.

Dandelion Branding celebrating sustainable marketing done holistically

What does "Sustainable Marketing" Mean?

Most commonly, when people talk about “sustainable marketing,” they are referring to any marketing that is done for a brand that calls themselves “sustainable.”

But the term “sustainability” has a multi-functional meaning – we talk about it all the time in our podcast, EnvironMental – and we aim to hit every meaning of the word when we talk about sustainable marketing.


Marketing for Social and Environmental Sustainability

Marketing is powerful.

And we are on a mission to elevate the impact of nonprofits and organizations dedicated to social and environmental sustainability, so our definition of sustainable marketing has to include the people we work with. Otherwise, it’s just greenwashing (which we don’t do).


Dandelion Branding: Sustainable Marketing You Can Maintain

A sustainable marketing cycle is one that you can actually maintain long term.

Consistency is an important factor in building trust and enthusiasm around any organization. High quantity is great when it comes to content marketing, but high quality is better. Our clients share consistent, high quality content on the calendar that is maintainable for them.

We take you, your time, and your needs into consideration when we create and manage your digital presence.


It Uses Environmentally-Friendly Techniques

Techniques you’re familiar with throughout the sustainable conversation also apply to marketing. Recycling, upcycling, and optimization are our first focus before creating new content or finding a new plugin.

You’ll see that our services focus on things like SEO, accessibility, and website optimization – this is how we work to keep your digital carbon footprint low, your website fast, and your customers happy.

Marketing is Holistic with Dandelion

And speaking of happy customers – because we work with sustainability-minded brands, their customers and donors aren’t exactly impulse buyers. For them, it takes trust and an incredible experience to make purchases or give money to a cause.

Crafting a remarkable digital experience takes fantastic copywriting, visual cohesion, data analysis, retention planning, website optimization, search engine optimization, and post consistency.

That’s what we do.

And we call it, “holistic marketing.”

Holistic marketing takes a brand’s whole digital and analog presence into consideration when setting KPIs and creating a sustainable marketing strategy. It pulls in fans and customers that will rant and rave about the work a business does and makes it easy to have a single message throughout ALL the digital platforms they have to show up on.

Not only does using a holistic marketing strategy guarantee that you saturate the digital market with the positive intention you’re bringing into the world, when you work with holistic marketing practices your ideal customers find you and can truly connect with your purpose.

Want to start on your path to a sustainable, holistic marketing strategy?