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Dandelion Branding offers holistic marketing services for businesses and nonprofits that have a positive social and environment impact.

We offer projects that help you connect with your roots, hourly projects so you can easily take advantage of our seasoned expertise, and ongoing holistic content marketing services to help bloom your brand.

Dandelion Marketing Services

We Develop Holistic & Sustainable Marketing Systems

Holistic Content Creation

We craft expertly written articles & social media posts optimized for search engines and designed to resonate with your audience.

Targeted Email Marketing

We help you create deeper connections with your audience and retain loyal customers using timely and strategic emails.

Website Optimization

We improve your website's efficiency, user experience, and performance with data backed optimization.

Holistic Data Analysis

We analyse your data and send you a holistic report offering insights into how to use marketing to support your growth goals.

On-Site & Strategic SEO

We optimize your website for inbound leads and send better traffic using intent-based content and search strategies.

Fundraiser & Growth Plans

We create personalized, in-depth systems to plan and execute effective fundraisers and successful launches for your business.
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Find Your Roots

One-off Projects

Our projects help social impact businesses connect with their values and communicate their benefits with new audience members and long term fans.

TFW you’re doing everything but the garden isn’t growing the way you like? That’s what the full scale audit is for. You don’t have to wonder what is (and isn’t) working, this deep dive report diagnoses issues and offers suggestions for:

  • Website optimizations
  • Email platform enhancements
  • Accessibility Updates
  • SEO Score Improvements
  • Ongoing Content & Social Media Tweaks
Starting at *€2700

Stay cohesive. Be on every channel. Saturate your market. Be something that people want to talk about. Taking a holistic approach to marketing is transformative for impact businesses because it lets you make a difference and make money. 

Our Holistic Marketing Strategy includes the following:

  • Main Brand Messages
  • High Level Marketing Strategy Goals
    • With Action Plans to Achieve Them
  • Unified Voice Guidelines
  • Three Diverse Audience Profiles
    • With Tips on How to Sell to Each
  • Individual Marketing Channel Goals
    • Deep Dives on How to Best Use Each Platform
  • Auxiliary supporting documents
    • SEO keywords and content focal points
    • Social Media Post Index with Examples
    • Repeatable Content Calendar

Starting at *€3100

A website is a business’s calling card. Don’t let it get dated.

The Intentional Website Refresh is designed for impact businesses that have outgrown their current website and want to offer an accurate representation for their audience.

  • Accessible website refresh and experience optimization for up to 7 main pages
  • Complete copy editing and writing
  • Custom imagery
  • SEO updates and content keyword research
  • Updated plugins for efficiency
  • Two rounds of feedback per page

Starting at *€5900

Retention. Retention. Retention.

Email is one of the only outreach tools that offers you ownership of your content, gives you data about your biggest fans, and it brings in consistent revenue from new and repeat customers.

  • Email service provider (ESP) account set up and website integration
  • Custom tailored campaign segmentation based on your audience engagement
  • Branded email templates to make it easy for you to send regular emails
  • Necessary Email Automations – with up to 2 rounds of feedback on each email automation
  • Custom embedded email sign up form
  • Website popup sign up form

Starting at *€2100

Dandelion Branding Duo on their Services page with sustainable marketing and VIP days

Get Seasoned Help

Dedicated Project Hours

Sometimes you just need a helping hand.

You know exactly what you’d like to see, you just need a few hours with an expert to get your project done!

  • Website optimizations
  • Email troubleshooting
  • Content marketing brainstorm
  • Website Integrations
  • Page copy updates
  • Data analysis
  • Affiliate marketing program creation
  • Fundraising marketing plan creation


Our dedicated hours can start with as little as 4 hours.
If you only need 4 hours of focus time with us, consider claiming a VIP Day with us!

VIP Days!

Use Our Brains for a Day

We’ll spend the day helping you set up your long term marketing plan, work with your team to implement holistic marketing procedures, help you troubleshoot your website/platform issues, optimize your site, or some combination of everything.

6 hours for *€500

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Tend Your Ecosystem

Our Most Common Ongoing Holistic Content Marketing Relationships

Allow us to tend to your organic digital presence.

We use a holistic approach to content marketing because it lets us focus on attracting new customers while building retention into ongoing content strategies. 

Welcome the break and let us be the caretakers of your brand’s entire vibe – from the website to email, to social media – we create a cohesive, unique experience for every audience member.


Stay relevant. Nurture your audience. Cultivate your organic content.

  • SEO
  • 1 Monthly Blog post
  • Socials 1-2x weekly
  • Emails
    • Up to 2 Campaigns monthly
    • Automations – as needed
  • 4 Dedicated project hours
  • Monthly Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Ongoing Strategy Updates
  • Monthly Meetings

*€2100 per month


Saturate your industry with quality content that gets you noticed.

  • SEO
  • Weekly Blog posts
  • Daily Social Media posts
  • Emails
    • Up to 6 Campaigns monthly
    • Automations – as needed
  • 12 Dedicated project hours
  • Ongoing Strategy Updates
  • Monthly Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Weekly Meetings (or as needed)

*€5500 per month

*Please Note: We are based in the Netherlands so we show our base pricing in Euros, however our invoices are in the currency most comfortable for you.

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