New Habitz Instagram Grid Case Study


Romélia, the founder of New Habitz, wanted the Instagram grid to offer a relaxing and inviting feeling. With the various types of content shared and different vendors to promote, the myriad of imagery had the potential to make the grid feel scattered, messy, and unconnected.

The Instagram Grid Solution:

We created templates, utilized our Social Post Index, and created a post-and-grid approval system.


The grid is cohesive, on brand, and beautiful. The marketplace vendors regularly commented on how lovely it felt to be featured in the space.
New Habitz Instagram Grid Design- Client Case Study
We got the brand vibe right

Part of operating a holistic marketing strategy is understanding what “on brand” means. One of the best examples of staying on brand is the New Habitz Instagram grid*. Because everything about Romélia and the New Habitz brand is built on creating a calm and inviting space, it wasn’t enough to just put out content in the right colors with the earth mama voice in the caption.

Why the Instagram Grid Mattered for New Habitz

New Habitz was a marketplace for sustainably-made products. They used Instagram as a place for vendors to collaborate on launches, share audiences, and cross post using giveaways. In addition to product spotlights, New Habitz also had their own regular content, including blog articles, a monthly habit with a weekly post, and astrology updates. You can imagine that with differently branded products and vendors to promote coupled with several different types of internal content, the Instagram grid had the potential to feel wild.

But a wild feeling with tons of different imagery and voice wasn’t the vibe that Romélia wants New Habitz to have. Part of the New Habitz Mission is to make sure that people feel comfortable making small changes. She wanted one cohesive voice and vision for the Instagram grid because that is one of the only places where a user can see every part of the brand.

Our Method

We always look at each social media post as an individual, high quality, micro-content piece. In this case, we also paid very close attention to the whole picture. By looking at how the whole grid came together, we were able to create the right vibe for the New Habitz Instagram grid.

Each week, we would create the content on the marketing calendar and go through approvals. Once the content itself was approved, we would make an additional preview grid, often moving posts around to ensure it would hold the New Habitz vibration. When everything, “clicked” we would send the preview grid image for approval.

Having a seamless experience elevated New Habitz to bring in both fans and vendors by offering positive energy, transparency, and elegance to their daily scroll that they truly resonated with.

*Unfortunately, the original New Habitz Instagram is no longer active, but the backup account linked above still contains some of these original posts.

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