Building a Business is Building a Brand

building your brand is the same thing as building your business. We like yellow here, it's one of our accent colors so I used this desk supplies on yellow background monochrome image

To be honest, I would call this less of a blog article and more of a PSA.

If you’re building a business, you’re building a brand.

We talk to people that tell us that they’re “not ready” for branding.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the days of throwing up a website, finding a few (hundred) products, running ads, and turning a profit are over.

Yes, it worked 3 years ago, but the half-life for knowledge in the ever-evolving digital marketing world is about 2.5 years (so says CXL) – so that ship has sailed.

In real time, everyone is jumping into the game with their untested website (read: bad) and the public has caught on to the long shipping times and quality issues from random companies they’ve never seen before popping up on their ads feed.

There. I said it.

Oh, don’t get me wrong – the Ecommerce boom is… booming… but people that buy stuff online are moving towards more sophisticated methods because they know they can’t trust most of what they see on the internet.

You have certainly heard all of the gurus talking about “niching down.” What do you think they’re really talking about?

These thinly veiled suggestions for the success of your business like “finding your niche,” “talking to your ideal customer,” and “writing your product descriptions pages in your own voice,” should be called what they are, “building a brand.”

How to Bloom Your Brand

We’ve talked about what building a brand actually entails before, and how it’s not just “making a logo.”

If you’re really serious about being successful in your business—and when by successful I mean: supporting yourself, having time for you, building a community, and having a company that people know about—you have to create something that resonates with real people (not window shoppers).

You have a get out there in front of your ideal customer over and over again with products they love and stuff they care about and value for their lifetimes.

You have to be sincere about what you’re providing and know that you’re doing it for a reason. In other words you need to give a f*ck or you’ll quit and move on to the next hot new ponzi scheme.

Get your pillar content out there on social media, engage with the people you know are your ideal customer, build a calendar, and hold yourself accountable – commit to what you’re building!

And while you’re at it – BE PROUD that you’re building a brand so that you can bloom it by taking steps in the right direction and position your business for maximum growth.

See how we use business and brand interchangeably there? It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Are you working on your brand right now? Tell us about it in the comments.

And hey, if this resonates with you, but you don’t know how to build a calendar, how to speak to your ideal customer, or why your website has traffic but no sales, we can help you. This is what we do. (send an email)

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