Choosing Your Marketing Team? Consider Hiring Hybrid!

Hiring marketing help is an exciting moment for any business. Whether it’s to get some of your time back or you’re just ready for a shift in the right marketing direction, this is a huge decision.

It starts with knowing the kind of professional you want to bring on for your business. Do you want to bring on an internal teammate, or hire an external marketing team like Dandelion. We want you to make the right decision for your business – and consider the third option: the hybrid marketing team.

Pros of Hiring Marketing Internally

Full Time Dedication

When you hire a marketing professional internally, you have the luxury of bringing on someone who is fully dedicated to your business. They spend all of their time working on your business so it’s simpler to stay in contact or schedule meetings on the fly.


When you have an internal team, it’s easy to execute marketing decisions quickly. An internal hire allows you to create the spur of the moment marketing content.

Internal Working Knowledge

Anyone that works for a company needs to be trained on the internal workings of the business. This includes hiring a marketing professional, which means that sharing internal knowledge is simpler. It also allows a company to have a “face” for things like Instagram stories and TikTok.

Control of Your Data

Great marketing relies a lot on data. When you bring on an internal team member to handle your marketing, your website, sales, and social media data stays within your business.

Pros of Hiring Marketing Companies for Small Businesses

Hiring Marketing Externally Lowers Cost Overall

When you take benefits, insurances, taxes, and a full time salary into consideration, hiring a marketing agency is often the lower cost option. This is especially true if you are looking to create a robust marketing strategy. An agency also has the ability to bring in more people to help meet your needs without raising costs as much as an internal team would.


Hiring an agency like Dandelion Branding means you’re hiring for experience. A marketing agency works with a lot of different brands so is likely to have seen any issues you’re dealing with. They can identify the most common pitfalls and help you navigate through any issues.

Get Your Time Back

One of the best reasons to outsource your marketing to a team you trust is all the time and energy you get back. Your marketing suddenly becomes the thing you don’t have to be the expert in for your business. It just happens, and you can focus on what you do best.

Impartial and Data Focused

No hard feelings, but an internal team can have a difficult time speaking up when there are flaws in a plan or strategy. Because a marketing agency is data focused with a singular goal and an impartial view of your company, they often have an easier time identifying and being proactive about issues.

Consider Hybrid Marketing for the Best of Both Worlds

One of our favorite ways to work with our clients is with a hybrid marketing team. This type of partnership offers the best of both worlds! Typically, our client hires (or already has) a part-time marketing staff member – which cuts down on the employee cost and gives a face to the business for things like social media and engagement.

Then we do the heavy lifting. We create a marketing plan and holistic strategy, along with keeping an eye on their data and making sure the website stays live. We make sure that our clients always have relevant content, an updated website, and consistent presence on social media.

It’s really common for businesses to divert a sales team member or a volunteer to take over marketing. That often causes internal issues like inconsistent content creation or team member burn out. We have found that the hybrid marketing approach works best here. This way, we can help guide the team members toward the best marketing course of action and take on any of the content creation they don’t have time for.

What is your choice for hiring marketing? Let us know in the comment section below!

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