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If I sign up for your email list, what do I see?

The first thing I do when I learn of a new brand is sign up for their email list.

Sometimes I get a confirm subscription email—and if I’m lucky, it has a branded logo on the subscription. Other times there’s a “hello” in my inbox, admittedly a step farther.

Truthfully, I almost never get a proper welcome series in my inbox from a brand.

Why Does My Brand Need an Automated Welcome Series?

Your brand is your life, but the people that have asked to hear from you don’t know anything about you.

You need to teach them about who you are and develop your authority so they look forward to hearing from you.

Not establishing that dependable place in their inbox right away is a mistake—you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Do it right.

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What Should My Welcome Series Say?

The only goal of your welcome series is to establish a deeper connection with your subscribers.

Who are you? What pillars do you stand on? How can your subscribers make a deeper connection with you? What are other people saying about you? What can they expect to hear from you?

Your welcome series needs to set the pace for everything to come while giving your subscribers an idea of who you are, showing off your branding, and offering them a chance to be part of the community you’re creating.

How Many Emails Should My Welcome Series Have?

At least 2 (it’s a series, afterall) but not more than 7-8.

If that answer feels nebulous, it’s because it is. If I give you a number here, you’ll either try to cram all the information about your brand into one email or you’ll spread yourself too thin trying to hit that perfectly. I talked about how much information to put into your emails in this article.

If you have more than 8 solid emails in mind for your welcome series, you might be doing too much (but I could be convinced if you have a sound strategy).

What Should the Time Delay Between Emails Be?

This is up for some debate and is going to really depend on the way you want to focus your messaging.

I’m in the camp of sending the welcome series once per day and being up front in the first email about what to expect moving forward.

Saying, “we don’t typically send an email every day, but this week we’re going to send you a few extra emails to share more about who we are,” is honest and easy to say up front so your subscribers don’t throw you into a spam folder.

This is also a chance to create a bit of expense and excitement because your new, excited subscribers know that they’re getting to go deeper into something that feels intimate/exclusive.

Do you have other questions about your Welcome Series Emails? Put them in the comments!

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